Our Approach

Literacy and Mathematics Academy is committed to the fundamentals.  The Academy was built on the belief that when we support students and create an environment that fosters their natural curiosities and is committed to ensuring social, intellectual and physical development their possibilities are endless.  By enlightening you about the meaning behind our crest, we are showing you what we stand for, however, the best way to understand who we are is to have a conversation with us.


Our Crest

The Literacy and Mathematics Academy has a crest that highlights its mission.  The BOOK, in the upper left corner, emphasizes our goal of promoting literacy among youths.  We understand that literacy is essential to a child’s development.  FACT: 20 minutes of reading a day exposes children to 1.8 million words per school year - key moments to enhance your child’s learning experience.  We are committed to conversation as an essential aspect of our approach to literacy, because conversation is where children’s literacy truly begins.  Researchers agree that the average preschooler should hear 21,000 words per day; conversation is the vehicle of our curriculums.  Engaging conversations with our students is essential for their language development skills, which include listening, memory and speaking fundamentals.

Although it is easy to dismiss the ABACUS, in the upper right corner, as an archaic calculating tool, we invite you to revisit this assumption.  By including an abacus in our crest we are establishing our commitment to the fundamentals in all forms, even seemingly rudimentary ones.  The abacus - originally referred to as a counting frame - emphasizes our commitment to mathematics and its principles as the framework for our curriculums.  Children need to be able to navigate numbers; skip counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing are the survival skills every student needs to understand.  We are helping students expand their minds and learn to rely on their brains for the answers before introducing technology.  FACT: The number one subject currently being tutored is mathematics. By introducing mathematics early in a students education, we are providing them with a competitive advantage for their academic careers.  Our expertise in tutoring provides us with a unique insight into the fundamentals students are struggling with, which allows us to customize curriculums based on your child’s aptitudes.



In the bottom right corner of our crest you find a LAUREL WREATH.  The laurel wreath has two connections to our mission.  Firstly, it is a symbol of excellence, success and most importantly triumph.  We are dedicated to helping our students reach their own versions of excellence and success, and triumph over obstacles.  We help our students reach their goals on their terms. We customize the path each student takes to reach those goals - this is what we excel at. Secondly, the connectedness of the branches at the bottom of the wreath, represents a partnership between us as the learning team, and you as parents.  The branches of the laurel wreath are balanced on either side and we mirror this approach in our curriculums because learning can happen before, during and after school.

Lastly, at the bottom left - ALPHA & OMEGA - the Greek symbols for “the beginning” (Alpha) and “the end” (Omega).  We are starting this journey with your child at the beginning of their education and will follow them to the end.  We go beyond early development, by providing educational assessments and “check-ins” throughout your child’s academic career. This allows us to track their progress and discuss it with you, which ensures they are learning, comprehending and retaining the fundamentals in every grade.  We offer career counseling, help with University applications and most importantly SUPPORT.  From start to finish we help you achieve your goals!


Learning is our goal, conversation is the vehicle, and our expertise is the difference!