Our Difference

As parents you want what is best for your child and it is easy to get lost in the number of educational options being presented: Should you send your child to a Montessori school? Should you go for the Reggio Approach? Should you be following the Minimalism trend everyone is talking about? How do we know which approach is best? Why don’t children come with User Guides???

Let us break it down for you:  YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!  We are not confined to, nor are we defined by, one particular approach and this is by choice.  We feel that children’s education should not be confined to one system, rather it should be as dynamic and unique as they are.

The Montessori style preaches self-motivated learning; however, it can make integration to traditional classrooms difficult and does not encourage students to develop skills beyond their strengths.  Teachers in the Montessori classroom are meant to guide and not teach.  As educators, in the true sense of the word, The Academy team is proud to be teachers, committed to using a variety of techniques designed to engage our students mind, body and soul.  We encourage their strengths while helping them overcome obstacles that can make certain subjects difficult to learn.

The Reggio Approach does an excellent job of recognizing children’s autonomy and need for independence, which is something we share.  However, it lacks structure and direct teaching, both of which are necessary for success, especially early on.  Our strength lies in our adaptability and open approach, which allows us to draw on the best elements from different programs and integrate them into our customized curriculums. 

The Literacy and Mathematics Academy team has done the research, so you don’t have to.  We have studied the Montessori system, we understand and excel at the best elements of the Reggio Approach, but we do not stop there.  We are always learning, following the research conversation and adapting accordingly, which allows us to provide parents with the ultimate educational system.  We are blending the best elements of modern and traditional teaching approaches, while remaining centred on the fundamentals.  We promote respect, responsibility, collaboration and independence in the classroom to ensure that your child is experiencing an environment that is academically and socially enriching.  One of the biggest differences in our system is the commitment to introducing mathematics and literacy early in our student’s education. FACT: The majority of preschool facilities spend 38 - 45 seconds a day on mathematics, which typically consists of learning to count to 10. Multiple studies conducted by top scholars, at some of the best Universities in the world, have identified a lag in North American education when it comes to introducing mathematics. While many systems have recognized the importance of emergent literacy, the importance of mathematics remains forgotten or limited to merely counting. At The Academy we pride ourselves on not only understanding the importance of both literacy and mathematics, but have developed specialized curriculums to ensure that it is emphasized in ALL of our classrooms.

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“LEARNING is our goal, conversation is the vehicle, and our expertise is the difference.”