Our Programs

Children have a natural love of learning. They are innately inquisitive, drawn to things that are new and different, and do not have the fear and reservations that we have as adults.  All of our programs are designed to harness this natural love of learning while ensuring that it is directed towards the fundamentals in a creative and innovative way.      

LITTLE LAMAS – 18 months to 30 months * 8:30 - 11:30am or 12:30 - 3:30pm

LAMA LEADERS - 30 months to 3 years old * Full Day 8:20am - 3:40pm

LAMA 4 - 4 years old *Full Day 8:20am - 3:40pm

LAMA 5 - 5 years old * Full Day 8:20am - 3:40pm

Before & After Care

Early LAMAs 7am - 9am

Late LAMAs 3:40pm - 6:00pm * Not available for Little LAMAs Program*

The Academy is focused on conversation and customization as integral principles that our curriculums are centered on.  We invite you to set a meeting with our Director of Education to discuss the details of our programs and to have a conversation about how our programs can be customized to ensure your child achieves their unique learning goals.

Grades 1- 8 specialty programming available for home-school cores, upon consultation.