Please note that while this is our first year of offering a full classroom environment, we have been offering our curriculums to families through a partnership we have with some local tutoring companies and homeschooling families for a number of years.  Here are a few families who can attest to the difference The Literacy and Mathematics Academy curriculums made for their children.    

"“Last year, we made the decision to homeschool our son for Grade 3 and we chose The Literacy and Mathematics Academy to create customized curriculums and programming for him. We are amazed at the successes he is having. We can't say enough about the difference we see in him - we knew he had it in him, but I think even we are astounded as to the extent of his abilities! If providing our endorsement can help even one other family experience what our family is experiencing, it would be our privilege to do so. They have created individualized and personalized programming that follows the Ontario curriculum but delivers it in a fun and engaging way. It clearly helps his learning and makes it both fun and functional! He enjoys going to school every day! This is certainly one of the best decisions we've ever made!”

— Christine T.


"My son has struggled with school and we tried tutors and centers before and nothing worked.  I connected with Nicole from The Academy and she made a world of difference.  My son is now in College and the school told me that he would never be able to go to College and be successful.  She created customized lesson plans that helped him understand what his teachers were trying to convey and previous tutors tried to explain, but The Academy’s curriculums helped him connect the dots and understand the concepts.  They offer excellent service, truly love education and want to make a difference with their students.”

— F.A.


"I would highly recommend the Literacy and Mathematics Academy.  My sons had many challenges and behavioral issues, which have impacted his learning and ultimately created such a gap that even he began to realize that he was not where he should be, which only created bigger behavioral issues.  The Literacy and Mathematics Academy customized curriculum provided my son with the fundamentals he needed to be successful in the classroom and beyond.  Within a month of working through their curriculums with their educators my son has received a class award for reading and another for mathematics.  I cannot believe the school is seeing the results in such a short period of time.  I am so happy with my decision to get them to help my son and I cannot wait to see their school.” 

— Margaret Z.


“The Academy’s programming is amazing, they were able to use different approaches that helped address my daughter’s anxiety and it gave her the tools to overcome it if it flares up and be successful in school.  Thank you.” 

-Marlene A.


“I was so impressed with the curriculums I received from The Literacy and Mathematics Academy, they were engaging, fun, organized and well thought out.  The communication I received about how my foster daughter was doing as they worked through the units was great.  I received helpful updates on how she was doing and appreciate the effort they put into helping her.”

-Jill C.