Literacy And Mathematics Academy is an educational hub in the truest sense. We not only have our own full day Preschool programs, but we support students from Grades 1 to 12 with our different tutoring services. We offer two services during the school year:  

  1. After School Homework Management Programs

  2. One on One Tutoring

Literacy And Mathematics Academy is dedicated to providing students with core support. Our After School Homework Management Program works with students from Grades 1 to Grade 8 with literacy and mathematics. The program runs from 4:00pm to 6:00pm Mondays and Thursdays. Students focus on core development (Literacy or Mathematics) for 1-hour and then they engage with literacy or mathematic based activities for the remaining hour. We always complete a FREE assessment with our potential students so we are able to customize their programming to target areas they are struggling in and better explain how we can help during our conversation with their parents. We also complete a learning style assessment with our new students so we can understand the way they understand concepts and ensure that we teach according to their learning needs. Your child would work in small groups and receive an element of one on one attention every session. Our tutors provide the material and teach lessons and concepts from the Ontario Curriculum. We often have parents say, “I wish my child would get homework, so they can work on something.” Rest assured we can create homework if your child has a teacher who does not believe in homework. In addition, we can also customize a program that follows your child’s classroom and always welcome work and conversation from the child’s teacher so we are reinforcing the lesson from that day.

After School Homework Management with Pick-up from R.L. Hyslop School.

Monday - Friday 3:30 - 5:30pm (3 or 5 day options)

New this September 2019 is our daily After School Homework Management, which includes student pick-up from R.L. Hyslop. One of our team members will pick-up your child from R.L. Hyslop and walk them back to Literacy And Mathematics Academy. Once on site, students have time to have a snack they have brought from home and begin our agenda check. We ensure that your child completes all assigned homework from the day and prepare for any upcoming tests. If your child does not have any homework, we will work on Math or Literacy components that can reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. This program includes a combination of one on one and group work.

Some students need one on one to reinforce a concept or to work at an accelerated pace, which is why we offer One on One Tutoring. We offer a complementary assessment and then custom build a plan based on your child’s needs and goals. Parents can drop off the student for their sessions, timing is flexible and session lengths depend on the needs of the student.

Being that we are always adaptive, we recognize that some students do not learn in an environment outside their control, or they are too shy to be in a room with other students when they are learning; our One on One Tutoring is the solution. In this model, we can come to you! This is a favourite among our high school parents and students since they want to work on subject specific material in a focussed and timely fashion. We meet with all families interested in One on One Tutoring at Literacy and Mathematics Academy to set up our complementary assessment, explain the program, establish a schedule and determine a location (some families prefer a library or community centre rather than our facility or their house and we are happy to accommodate this request). The date and time of sessions is determined by your schedule and availability, you give us a range of availability and we work within those parameters.


August 2019

Having a summer break is vital to a child’s mental health, they are still kids and they deserve time to reset and unwind. However, Summer Learning Loss is real and parents are right to be concerned about their child forgetting some key concepts over the summer break. This is why we have created our Summer Ramp-Up Programs. These sessions are recommended for the last 2-3 weeks of August and are typically 2-3 times per week for 1-2.5 hours depending on the grade level of the student and number of subjects being pre-taught or re-taught depending on their skill and level of retention. We start with a consultation where we establish an Academic Game Plan, we assess your child’s skill level and we customize a program according to their needs. We provide the material and work to fill gaps, re-teach or pre-teach a subject.

Please contact us via email or call and we would be happy to discuss any of these options with you.