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At Literacy and Mathematics Academy we make learning the priority because it is our passion.  We are a group of committed educators who are dedicated to the fundamentals.  It is our mission to engage with each of our students on their level.  We have created a fully customizable learning environment that is tailored to suit the needs of your child.  By making the fundamentals our focus we ensure that our students have a stable foundation upon which they can build their academic futures.  These are the foundations that all students need to be successful and by introducing them early in your child’s education, we are giving them an edge when it comes time to integrate into their elementary or high school programs of choice.

Our proprietary curriculums draw from a variety of methods to provide our students with the most effective approaches for learning. What does that mean?  We meet with you and your child, we assess their learning styles and needs. We have a conversation about your concerns and explain the process to you. We observe them in our learning environment to develop a deeper understanding of how they learn and what their needs are from us. We ensure that literacy and mathematics are introduced early on and remain at the forefront of our curriculums. How can we help? We are always asking ourselves this question! We communicate their strengths and areas for improvement to you and design an education plan based on our assessments. In addition, you can trust that our focus is on keeping the FUN in FUNdamentals and helping your child to connect with the material so they not only understand it, but they will retain it.

We are blending traditional and modern approaches to create a dynamic system that focuses on the fundamentals, while remaining forward thinking.  Our innovative programs captivate your little learner in a way that holds their attention and ensures they retain the core principles of each unit.  We integrate movement and expression in our lessons so students are engaging not only with their intellect but their bodies as well. Our goal is to create a positive learning environment that is welcoming, inclusive, diverse and most importantly, provides them with the freedom and opportunity to express themselves in their own way.

We do what you need: adapt our teaching to suit the way your child learns and it makes the difference!




Our Goal


The goal of The Academy is to become an educational hub, we are building a relationship with you and your child that will continue throughout their academic careers.


Learning is our goal, conversation is the vehicle and our expertise is the difference.